registered massage therapist alyscia d'ornellasAlyscia D'Ornellas

Registered Massage Therapist

Alyscia is a Kinesiology graduate from the University of Toronto and a practicing Registered Massage Therapist who studied at the Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. Alyscia’s interest in manual therapies to assist with full body healing was sparked when she began receiving treatments for injuries and pain that she experienced while growing up as a competitive dancer. During her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, she chose to do a co-op placement alongside a Registered Massage Therapist, and this is when her love and belief in the efficacy of massage therapy was solidified.

Alyscia is able to effectively utilize her knowledge of the human body and functional movement to treat a wide range of conditions and to aid in pain management. Alyscia is a firm believer in the importance of living a healthy, stress-free and active lifestyle. She is also an advocate for incorporating manual therapies into one’s health care plan, as they are an extremely beneficial means to achieving full body healing and all around well-being. Receiving massage therapy can be very helpful in treating many conditions such as; headaches, scar tissue restrictions, nerve pathologies, soft tissue and joint dysfunctions, as well as pain caused by arthritis, scoliosis, and various postural dysfunctions and injuries. Massage is also very beneficial in helping to eliminate the presence of pain and stress during any physically, mentally or emotionally demanding period in one’s life, including pregnancy and the postpartum time period.

If you are looking to improve any aspect of your health and wellbeing, taking a well-rounded approach is always best. To schedule your appointment with Alyscia, contact us at 289-304-0536.