Corporate Wellness

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massage and chiropractic corporate wellness in vaughan

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Onsite Services

We’ll work directly with your human resources department to:

Assess your corporate priorities and goals for wellness

Identify needs through employee assessments

Select services that satisfy your requirements

Package services and education options smartly, or pick a la carte

Implement a program that works

1) Lunch and Learns – Topics are as follows:

Workplace Ergonomics

Designing Your Personal Training and Weight Loss Program

Men’s Health and Nutrition

Women’s Health and Nutrition

Top 10 Things to Keep You Healthy

Home Remedies

Tips to Managing Stress and Avoiding Illness

2) Foot Clinic

An all day event that allows people to come by and have their feet scanned using Gait Analysis from Atlas Orthotics. We provide information on the health and solutions for their feet.

3) Workstation Ergonomic Assessments

An assessment of the employee’s workstation is done, with modifications made right on the spot. A full report is issued to the employee and Human Resources Department, outlining the employee’s physical issues, if any, changes made, and recommendations.

4) On Site Staffing


Registered Massage Therapy

Naturopathic Doctor

Personal trainer

Yoga Instructor

Registered Nurse

Wellness/Life Coaches

And we’re open to adding extras as your needs demand!

The purpose of having an on site team of health professionals is to create a support system for the employees in the comfort of their own workplace, so issues pertaining to fitness and nutrition, work life balance/stress, fighting fatigue, etc. can be addressed

There are hidden “cost saving” benefits to the company in increased employee morale, heightened energy and productivity, and decline in lost time due to absences such as sick days, headaches, etc. The cost management strategy in medical care costs under the company benefit program and the prevention of short and long term disability claims, reduced turnover, recruitment tool etc. With services on-site, there is easier access for staff and minimum lost time from work for appointments.

Call to learn how a customized Corporate Wellness program can benefit your employees AND your bottom line. 289-304-0536