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custom fit orthotics

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What are Custom Fit Orthotics?

An Orthotic is an in-the-shoe device that’s custom-made from an impression of your foot.

Worn comfortably in most kinds of shoes, prescription orthotics are used to treat lower back pain, toe cramping, leg fatigue, arch pain, heel pain, callouses, hip pain, corns, and much more. Orthotics are designed to precisely control the mechanics of your feet and correct your foot function. You might say orthotics are to feet what eyeglasses are to eyes.

Clinical studies have shown that prescription orthotics relieve pain by correcting poor alignment and promoting proper foot function. Wearing orthotics regularly will gently correct foot abnormalities, realign and stabilize the bones in your feet, and gradually restore a healthier walking pattern.

Feet are like fingerprints; no two are alike. That’s why a precise prescription for every patient leads to the most effective results. Unlike off-the-shelf arch supports, which do not control biomechanics when walking, custom orthotics improve foot function with every step.

ChiroPlus' prescription orthotics are custom moulded from a cast. Orthotics fit discreetly into most shoes, and are available in styles designed for athletic, casual and dress shoes for men and women.

Custom orthotics are covered by many extended health plans.

Custom Fit Orthotics Help:

Reduce stress and strain on your body

Restore balance in your body

Correct foot imbalances

Custom Fit Orthotics can be prescribed for:

Flat feet

Plantar Fasciitis





Heel Spurs

Achilles Tendinitis


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